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by on Nov.21, 2008, under Gaming

Well… I played many online games before. There are English and Chinese games, some are quite fun but some are quite boring, but overall I enjoyed most of them. =)

These are the games that i still remember i played them before…

ConquerOnline : Quite a good game. This game is also free to pk(player kill) anyone you dislike in anywhere you like! . The max level of this game is around 135 and you can even reborn(for some players will know whats the meaning, but some player does not know, reborn is something like you become back level 1 but become stronger than other normal level 1).

EudemonOnline : Quite a good game. This game is free to pk(maybe because it is the same company with ConquerOnline!). You can get  Eudemon(they act as your bodyguard, your pet, your companion in this game) just by killing monsters!

GuildWars : A good 3D game that I recommend everyone to play! This game is fantastic but its account requires USD to buy it. You can also battle with other players in arena in this game. Despite the fact that requires USD, is a good game and everybody should play this ^^.

Gunbound : A good game that is similiar to a game called Worms. Well this game is not a bad game but I got bored because some players are using hacks and bots to play this game. But I will not stop you from trying this game.

Gunz : A good 3D shooting game that I also recommend everyone to play! In my oppinion, this game is way better than CounterStrike(sorry CounterStrike fans). Overall this game is a good game but there is one thing that is not good; that is playing this game will kill your mouse because you will keep clicking the mouse to kill other players!

MapleStory : A 2D game that requires quite some time to level up and so on. This is a game that you will need to face a lot of people saying a lot of foul words, spoiling this game. If you want to level up faster than usual, you will need to spend some real money to buy X2Experience and ExperienceGachapon(you will have to play this game to know about it). Overall, this game is not a game that i recommend people to play but I do not stop you from playing this game.
(Thx Mousey for the comment, I forgot to write about this game >.<)

RagnarokOnline : A quite popular game in my country – Malaysia. The only con of this game is you need to pay to play which make it quite a costy game to play. Well, you can always find another way to play(hint hint: private servers). Worth to try this game though.

Rakion : A 3D game. Well I cannot remember more about this game caused I stopped this game quite long ago…

WaterMarginOnline(Chinese edition) : A nice game at the begining but it turned bad because the game is mainly on cash. Assume that you are rich and willing to pay, you will become the most powerful player-buying accounts, godly equipments and etc. Overall this game is a good game but not recommended for those who want to play self-leveling because in this game, everybody levels in a different way(you will know when you play this game).

Well, that is all the online game I had played so far(that i remember).For those who know me, tell me that the games that I forgot to mention(that i played before). Wish you all enjoyed reading it. ^^

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